NC Billfish Series Release Form

Please complete the form for each billfish released. The information from this form will be used to inform fishery management agencies about the billfish fishery in NC. This information will help NC anglers continue to enjoy the off-shore fisheries in NC. Release data is needed regardless of the size of the fish or the gear used by the angler. Please be truthful with your answers. Time and Date of submission are recorded when you click “Send” below.

J-Hooks may be used with entirely artificial lures only. Circle hooks MUST be used on any natural bait or natural-artificial bait combination.

Please complete all information on this form – Incomplete forms may disqualify release

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You will receive an e-mail confirmation at the address listed above. For security, if this e-mail address is different than the one we have on file, an additional confirmation will be sent to that address as well. The time and date of submission will be recorded when you complete the form and click “Send.” You will see a confirmation page after submission.