Official Lay Day Form

Non-fishing days MUST be reported on this form prior to 9:00 AM on the declared day. See Rule #4 for clarification. Time and Date of declaration are recorded when you click “Send” below.

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  • Lay Day Declaration:

  • I declare May , 2022 to be a non-fishing day.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation at the address listed above. For security, if this e-mail address is different than the one we have on file, an additional confirmation will be sent to that address as well. The time and date of submission will be recorded when you complete the form and click “Send.” You will see a confirmation page after submission.

If you intend to submit a paper copy of the Official Lay Day form, drop it off at the official weight station at Big Rock Landing in Morehead City in the official Lay Day form drop off mailbox before 9:00 AM on the declared day.